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The 2013 Young Astronomer Program

The number of schools participating in the program was down from last year. This was most likely due to our going from a snail mail package containing all the printed materials, to an email telling teachers to visit our website and download the materials. The snail mail package was very expensive mostly due to the […]

Andover’s YAP winner gets his binoculars and observing training

Oscar B. from the 4th grade class at Sanborn Elementary was one of the winners from the YAP program.  I took the opportunity to deliver them in person as well as provide a small training session for Oscar, his dad, and Oscar’s friend Andrew.  After a quick less on how to adjust binoculars an dread […]

2012 YAP Program Award Day

A few photos from the NSAAC 2012 Young Astronomer Program Award day.

Observation Report: 12 May 2012 – Galactic Youth Night

Last night we held the Galactic Youth Night at Veasey Park.  James Sanborn and his family attended and brought the 6 inch scope that James recently was awarded.  Seeing conditions were very good at times, and we were rewarded with some very nice high power views of Mars and Saturn, especially with Ron Sampson’s 8 […]

The 8th Annual Young Astronomer Program (YAP)

What is it? The Young Astronomer Program is an essay contest for students in grades 4 through 8. Students interested in winning a 6 inch Newtonian Reflecting telescope on a Dobsonian mount, or a pair of 10 X 50 astronomical quality binoculars, are nominated by their science teacher to enter the contest. Nominated students then […]

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