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Observation Report: December 28, 2012

How much fun can astronomers have on a partly cloudy, full moon winter evening? Ask Rick Margolies, Kevin Hocker, and Sam, a guest aerospace engineer who joined me at Veasey last night. Using a pair of 8 inch Dobs, we got some very nicely detailed views of Jupiter when it popped out from behind the […]

Great Time To Visit The Observatories!

Have you always wanted to check out the observatories at Merrimack College or Salem State University, but have never made it there yet?  Or has it been some years since you last went? This time of year is a perfect time for a visit.  Lower humidity mean more transparent skies, but still with comfortable temperatures.  […]

Observing Report August 22, 2012 Mendel Observatory

20” Ritchey–Chrétien telescope, four day crescent Moon, seeing fairly steady, transparency decent, no sports events on campus. The website showed about forty three hits of people checking if we were open. We had a mixture of return visitors and new folks totaling about twenty people. Fred and Bill were on hand to give me a […]

Merrimack Observatory 7/11/2012

Opened observatory at 8:30 pm with ten people in attendance. Gave a talk about star formations and reasons for star color. This was used to stall for darker skies At 9:00pm we turned our scope on Saturn with a few more people in attendance. At this time it wasn’t dark enough to see any of […]

Star Party Report: Langley-Adams Library at Veasey Park

The star party at Veasey Park for the Langley-Adams Library of Groveland was attended by about 25 parents and children. The presentation was made by Fred Sammartino who presented what the attendees might see at the scopes. Scopes were provided by Kevin Hocker, Leor Zolman, Bryan Stone, Ed Burke and John Hobbs. Also helping at […]

Starport Observing Report June 15-16, 2012

Observing Report, June 15 to June 16, 2012. Location Starport, NH. Present were Barrie Sawyer, Kevin Ackert, and the 36-inch DOB AKA Godzilla. Moon not in sky, no clouds, seeing pretty decent and transparency was good. As twilight faded we aligned the scope on Arcturus. Barrie went inside to make coffee and I was head […]

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