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Mercury Transit, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, May 9, 2016 – Observing Report

Monday, May 9, 2016 started as most mornings have lately with mostly cloudy skies. Of course the weather folks all seemed to say what a glorious day it would be, with a few clouds, and lots of sunshine. Undeterred, I went out on multiple occasions with my Lunt 8X32 SUNoculars to take a look at […]

Observatory Report – March, 2015: Collins Observatory, Salem State University

Through March 24, 2015, Collins Observatory was open to the public twice. The first time I had 57 guests. It was on that night of March 9, 2014 that the focus mechanism locked up and would not move. Thanks to my son Brian, who was my eyes and hands, we removed the focus mechanism and […]

Observation report: November 21, 2014 @ Reynolds Playground in North Andover, MA

I haven’t been out for awhile and tonight’s forecast for was clear skies and no moon so I decided to go out and observe. I have been scouting a few new locations near my house to observe from and I decided to try a new spot, Reynolds Playground on Johnson Street in North Andover. The […]

Trails and Sails star party September 19, 2014

Star Party Report Event – Essex National Heritage Area – Trails and Sails Location – Battis Farm, Amesbury, MA When – Friday September 19, 2014 We had a great star party at Battis Farm in Amesbury this Friday night for our first of two Trails and Sails star parties. We had quite a large group […]

Observation Report, Veasey Park, 9-6-13

After a brief business meeting, we had an inspiring observing session at Veasey, enhanced by a number of awesome shooting stars spanning over a quarter of the sky and lasting up to several seconds. Joining me were Fred Sammartino, Kevin Hocker, Jim and Peggy Utterback, Ted Blank, Dennis (Bubbles) Gudzevich, Richard Collins, Erik Nugent, Ray […]

Andover’s YAP winner gets his binoculars and observing training

Oscar B. from the 4th grade class at Sanborn Elementary was one of the winners from the YAP program.  I took the opportunity to deliver them in person as well as provide a small training session for Oscar, his dad, and Oscar’s friend Andrew.  After a quick less on how to adjust binoculars an dread […]

Observation Report: March 22, 2013, @ North Andover Soccer Fields

My Daughter and I went down to the North Andover soccer fields early this evening to observe PanSTARRS. We did see the comet although we had to deal with some thin bands of passing clouds near the horizon. We also observed the Orion nebula, the double cluster, Jupiter, the Pleiades and the moon. Our tools […]

Observation Report, March 17, 2013

I went to IRWS this evening, mainly to try to see the comet, but also to participate in some public outreach because I can rarely make it to our star parties during the week. There was a presentation there last night, but the observing component was bumped to tonight because of cloudy weather. About 7 […]

Observation Report: March 10, 2013

Last evening  Kevin Hocker, Ron Sampson and I met at Veasey Park to observe with GoldenEye, the premier outreach instrument of NSAAC. We dealt with some atmospheric moisture but were able to get nice views of M42,43,35,41,65,65, double cluster, Jupiter, a bunch of double stars, and we made some much needed restaurant reviews. Earlier in […]

Observation Report: December 28, 2012

How much fun can astronomers have on a partly cloudy, full moon winter evening? Ask Rick Margolies, Kevin Hocker, and Sam, a guest aerospace engineer who joined me at Veasey last night. Using a pair of 8 inch Dobs, we got some very nicely detailed views of Jupiter when it popped out from behind the […]

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