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NSAAC Loaner Telescope – 10″ Dob

NSAAC has a Meade DS-10 10″ f4.5 Dob available to loan to club members. Originally an equatorial mount instrument intended for visual and astrophotography use, it is was converted long ago to a Dob. It came in to the club’s possession when club founding member (and local comedian) Bob Seibel passed away. It was worked […]

Getting Started with Astronomy

By Kandy Rathinasamy I got started with astronomy about a year ago, so I’m a relative newbie. Here are some tips that I hope will help you get started. You don’t need a telescope You don’t need a telescope to get started. There’s a lot to see with the naked eye. Learn about the constellations […]

Shooting for the Moon

As part of a school project on astronomy a local student joined NSAAC and learned the fundamentals of astrophotography, and trained his scope on the moon. We think he will get an A.

Getting Started with Astronomy

We all have to start somewhere

Buying Your First Telescope

Oftentimes a new interest in astronomy leads to a sudden rush to go out and buy a telescope. Without some research and guidance, however, impulse purchases of astronomy gear can often turn out to be expensive mistakes which serve to discourage and frustrate a new astronomer, rather than providing the equipment to propel someone’s enjoyment of this hobby.

Binocular Resources

Observing Books Binocular Astronomy by Craig Crossen and Wil Tirion (ISBN: 0943396360) Touring the Universe Through Binoculars: A Complete Astronomer’s Guidebook by Phillip S. Harrington (ISBN:  0471513377) Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes by Ernest H. Cherrington,  publ. by Dover Pubns  (ISBN:  0486244911) Observing Weblinks Astronomical League Binocular Messier Certificate Astronomical League Deep Sky Binocular Club Certificate Binocular Double Stars (from […]

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