Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary (IRWS)

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Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary (IRWS):

  1. From Boston and the south: Take Rt. 95 north to exit 50 and follow Rt. 1 North into Topsfield. At the junction of Rt. 1 and Rt. 97, turn right onto Rt. 97 South (towards Beverly and Danvers).
    From the north: Take Rt. 95 south to exit 53 andfollow Rt. 97 south. At the junction of Rt. 1 and Rt. 97 in Topsfield, stay on Rt. 97 south.
  2. Once you have reached the junction of routes 1 and 97, and have travelled about 0.5 miles along route 97 South towards Beverly and Danvers, you will encounter a rather well lit intersection. On the left-hand side of this intersection you will see the sign of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, a bird within a triangle. Turn left onto the road marked by this sign. It is called Perkins Row.
  3. Perkins Row is a long, windy road. After about a mile, you’ll encounter another, identical, Audubon sign. Shortly thereafter, you’ll come across yet another. This last one marks the entrance to the Sanctuary. Note that at this entrance is a wooden gate. It is very unlikely that the gate will be closed. However, if the gate is closed simply get out of your car and swing it open. It won’t be locked.
  4. As you drive through the gate, you’ll find yourself proceeding up the sanctuary driveway. As soon as you catch sight of sanctuary signs posted along the driveway, look for an opening for the entrance to a dirt parking lot on the left-hand side.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you encounter the buildings at the end of the driveway, then you’ve gone past the dirt parking lot. Immediately turn around and go back down the driveway a short distance, carefully looking for what will now be a right-hand turn into the parking lot.

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