Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting October5, 2018

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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting October5, 2018

President Deneen called the October Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 7:45 PM. There were 5 board members present and 6 club members. There was a quorum. Meeting was official. There were three visitors: Anna Obanes. former honorary member Sylvia Leftin, and David Rosolowski who will be joining the club..

The minutes of the August business meeting was approved by acclamation..

No report

There are currently approximately 58 members in good standing.

Merrimack College:
Observatory was open on August 15th with 24 guests and on September 5th with 6 guests and Tim Hart started his training.

Salem University:
Observatory is closed for the summer. The Observatory is currently undergoing repair and won’t be open until early October. Dennis would still appreciate help from anyone who would like to help run the observatory. Contact Dennis Gudzevich if interested.

Star Party Committee:

Hamilton Wenham Library 8/7: Clouded out, so was just an indoor presentation on the planets that they would have seen: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Maybe 35 people?
Sagamore Hill in Hamilton 8/16: I think we had 50 people and half a dozen scopes? Great location, they would like us to come back.

NSAAC annual Star Party/Trails & Sails weekend 9/28 & 29: Was expecting clouds Fri night and it totally cleared. dang. Was held Saturday, John Brucker organized. He estimated 100 people. We had a successful star party last night. I would estimate about 100 people turned out! Michael Deneen, Dick Luecke, and Dan Smoody were on hand. Between the four of us we were able to keep the lines from getting too long. There were also a couple of people who brought their own scopes who viewed on their own and also viewed through our scopes.
While skies were clear there was a lot of moisture in the air that affected transparency. This made viewing deep space objects difficult but here’s what we were able to see to the best of my knowledge:

Planets: Mars/Saturn/JupiterM31 & M32
The 2 open clusters in Perseus NGC 884 & 869
Double stars Albireo & Mizar/Alcor
Wild Duck Cluster
Welcome Pleiades!
Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Looking at upcoming dates:

Malden Reads Sat Oct 13th Waitt Mount Malden. #popscope is also coming to this.
Mon 10/29: Reading Library
Tues 11/6 Amesbury Sparhawk School There’s one more event planned for South Elementary Andover, either 11/27 (29th backup) or 12/4 (6th backup), should have that one nailed down next week.

Will be running a new sign up for 2018/19 “first responders” soon.

Telescope Clinic:
No report.

Old Business:
Until a new server service is found, the club will be using Go Daddy for the website on a month to month basis.

New Business:
Bryan Stone gave a report of the first observing at the new club observing location just down the road from the Community Center.

Entertainment for the evening was a presentation by Club Member Phil Orbanes entitled “ Tales from the Cosmic Dark Side”, a Halloween-themed presentation illustrated with Phil’s excellent astrophotos, touching on all sorts of dark objects — Dark Nebulae (and Bok Globules), Molecular Clouds, Integrated Flux Nebula, Dark (“Rogue”) Planets, “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy.”

Calling on examples from the Pipe nebula through the possible eventual heat-death of the uni-verse, Phil will elucidate the universe of dark phenomena all around us.

Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM.
Respectively submitted
John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC

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