Sky Object of the Month – August 2018

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Sky Object of the Month – August 2018
(Courtesy LVAS Observer’s Challenge*)
IC 1295 – Planetary Nebula in Scutum (Mag. 12.7; Size 1.7’ X 1.4’)

This little-known planetary nebula was discovered by American astronomer/mathematician Truman Henry Safford on August 28, 1867. Its listed magnitude of 12.7 might cause backyard astronomers to shy away, but IC 1295 has a high surface brightness and may be glimpsed from dark-sky locations with telescopes as small as 6 inches in aperture. An OIII filter and moderately high magnification are essential if you want to visually detect IC 1295, let alone pick out any detail. A bonus is the presence, just 0.4 degrees west-northwest, of the 8th magnitude globular cluster NGC 6712.
Your challenges: What is the smallest aperture with which IC 1295 can be seen? Can you detect any detail when using a large-aperture scope? Finally, can you see (or image) the 17th magnitude central star?

Glenn Chaple for the LVAS

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