Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting August 3, 2018


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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting August 3, 2018

President Deneen called the August Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 7:40 PM. There were 5 board members present and 6 club members. There was a quorum. Meeting was official. There was one visitors, former member Paul Graviine.

The minutes of the June business meeting was approved by acclamation..

No report

There are currently approximately 58 members in good standing.

Merrimack College:
No report.

Salem University:
Observatory is closed for the summer. Dennis did open July 16th for planet night with 56 guests. Dennis would still appreciate help from anyone who would like to help run the observatory. Contact Dennis Gudzevich if interested.

Star Party Committee:
We had a great event at the Salisbury State Beach Star Party, skies stayed clear except for one small band of thin clouds that drifted through. The Park ranger clicked in 150 people but I suspect more walked in to our area unannounced.
We had quite the number of objects shown: Venus, moon, Jupiter (including GRS), Saturn, Mars, a very long overhead space station pass, M57, M13, M27, M7, M8, Alberio, 61 Cygni, and many more.
Despite the first quarter moon faint fuzzies showed well, and by the end of the evening (last people left at 11) the Cygnus Milkway and rift were visible.

Huge thanks to everyone that helped as the large number of scopes kept the wait times short. I think everyone heard a continuous stream of “that’s amazing” type comments from the attendees. The park staff were so happy with the event and crowd feedback that they’re trying to determine if they could have us come back in August.

Credit to:
John Brucker, Charlie Hall (2 scopes!), Michael Deneen, Dick Luecke, Jim Ritscher (1st time helper, longest distance winner – traveled from Arlington), Dan Smoody all assisted, so we had 8 telescopes available for the public.

Next events:
Hamilton Wenham library, August 7th, Tuesday
Perseid viewing organized by Eric Reines at Goldthwait Reservation, Marblehead, August 12th (Sun) . If clouded out they will try again on Monday.
Donovan reservation, Sagamore Hill, Hamilton, Monday, August 13th, Thursday, August 16thcloud date.
NSAAC annual star party at Battis Farm (Sails & trails weekend), September 28th/29th (Friday & Saturday.

The Bob Seibel 10″ Dob is available for club members to borrow! It would be great to see this scope get out and about more.

Telescope Clinic:
There was a clinic involving a Astronomers without Borders 150mm Newtonian.

Old Business:
Until a new server service is found, the club will be using Go Daddy for the website on a month to month basis.

John Hobbs has obtained a new permit for use of Dark Park

New Business:

Entertainment for the evening was a short video on the new NASA Parker Solar Probe to the Sun, followed by club observing at Boy Scout

Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM.

Respectively submitted
John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC

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