Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting April 6, 2018

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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting April 6, 2018
President Deneen called the April Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 7:41 PM. There were 4 board members present and 12 club members. There was a quorum. Meeting was official. There was one visitor, Jim Richter of the AtmoBs.

The minutes of the February business meeting was approved by acclamation..

No Report.
There are currently approximately 55 members in good standing.

Merrimack College:
Not open Wednesday April4. Now have 5 people to operate the scope; could use a few more to fill in when others can’t make it and to help with large crowds.

Salem University:
Observatory was open on February 5th with 24 guests, on February 12th with 34 members and family of the Marblehead Cub Scout pack 11, on the 26th with 17 members of pack #5 from Swampscott and 10 additional guests, on March 19 with 7 guests, and on March 26 with 43 first grader from Swampscott and guests for a total of 82 total guest. Dennis would still appreciate help from anyone who would like to help run the observatory. Contact Dennis Gudzevich if interested.

Star Party Committee:
All star parties for March were cancelled due to poor weather and there are none scheduled for April.
The Bob Seibel 10″ Dob is available for club members to borrow! It would be great to see this scope get out and about more.
Telescope Clinic:
No report.

Old Business:
Club dues of $20 are due at the April business meeting and must be paid before on is eligible to vote in the club elections.

Club elections were held and run by Brewster LaMacchia. The slate of candidates for officers was:
Michael Deneen—President
Richard Leucke—-Vice President
Ron Sampson—-Treasurer
John Hobbs—–Secretary
Ray Ferland—-Membership Director

There were no other candidates and the Slate was elected by acclamation.

The candidates for Members at Large were:
Kevin Roy
Dan Smoody

As there were no other candidates, they were elected by acclamation.

New Business:
Member Fred Sammartino, our stalwart Merrimack Observatory leader and Scout merit-badge teacher, is leaving us to live and work overseas. We wish Fred the best and hope he someday comes back to lead the scouts.
Entertainment for the evening was a presentation by John Gianforte, University of New Hamp-shire Observatory Director and Astronomy Instructor, on “Why is Astronomy Relevant”. His Illuminating presentation showed why Astronomy is Important and how it affects various aspects of everyday life.
Meeting adjourned 9:15 PM.
Respectively submitted
John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC

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