Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting February 3, 2017


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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting February 3, 2017

President Deneen called the February Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 7:40 PM.  There were 6 board members present and 8 club members. There was a quorum. Meeting was official.  There were 3 guests; Joseph and Susan Lau, David Seacrest, and Beth LaMacchia.


Minutes of the Januaryr business meeting was approved by acclamation.


Treasurer Sampson is working on getting the books transferred from the outgoing treasurer Kevin Ackert.  Once the books are transferred the treasurer will transfer the accounts to a new bank.  He has finished replying to the IRS request for 2016 filing for the non-profit status.  He also reminded members that dues are dues are due at or before the next business meeting.  He will send out a dues notice to the list server.


There are currently 103 members in good standing. There were two new members present.

Merrimack College:

No Report

Salem University:

Dennis Gudzevich reported that the observatory opened on January 9th with 3 guests.  He opened on January 30th with 27 visitors.  If you have any interest is assisting Dennis at the observatory contact him via the list server.

Star Party Committee:

The first star party of the year will be at the Proctor School in Topsfield on January 28th and a rain date of March 2nd.

Telescope Clinic:

No report

Old Business:

The club still would like to find other volunteers to do star party presentations. If anyone is interested please contact Brewster LaMacchia. We are also looking for any members who would like to assist at Merrimack College Observatory.

New Business:

John Hobbs reminded members that wish to use either Battis Farms or Dark Park that at least one member have a copy of the permits which are available from Hobbs.  Members must call the telephone numbers listed on the permits.  He will obtain new permits for 2017.

Election Committee chairman Brewster LaMacchia read the list of candidates for election of club officers that will take place at the March Business Meeting.

President:  Michael Deneen

Vice President: Richard Leucke

Treasurer:  Ron Sampson

Secretary:  John Hobbs

Membership Director:  Ray Ferland

Member at Large:  Bryan Stone

Any member who wants to run for any office can do so by contacting Brewster via the list server or announce his or her candidacy at the March Business Meeting.

Member Dan Smoody is selling a Huetech Collimation set for 8 inch or larger Schmidt Cassegrains or Maksutovs and is offering it to club members first.   Contact him directly via the list server.


Entertainment for the evening was a presentation by Dr. Alan Hirshfeld entitled “The Great Nebula War”.  The talk tells the tale of the decade-long, transatlantic feud during the 1890s between two pioneers of celestial photography: Isaac Roberts and Edward Emerson Barnard. Their pitched battle in the pages of scientific journals and on the lecture circuit highlights the widening divide between amateur and professional astronomers of the era, when the professionals adopted more rigorous scientific standards in research and, contrary to tradition, established strict academic requirements for entry into the field.

Alan Hirshfeld is Professor of Physics at UMass Dartmouth and an Associate of the Harvard College Observatory. His image-enhanced presentation will draw from his most recent acclaimed books: “Starlight Detectives: How Astronomers, Inventors, and Eccentrics Discovered the Modern Universe,” and “Parallax: The Race to Measure the Cosmos.” Dr. Hirshfeld’s work brings to life the inventors and scientists who opened the gateway to modern astronomy and unraveled some of its fundamental mysteries.

Board Meeting will be Wednesday, February 15th at 8 PM via Google Hangout.

Meeting adjourned 9:17 PM.

Respectively submitted

John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC

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