Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting December 2, 2016


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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting December 2, 2016

President Deneen called the December Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 7:40 PM.  There were 5 board members present and11 club members. There was a quorum. Meeting was official.  There were 4 guests.


Minutes of the November business meeting was approved by acclamation.


Treasurer is working on getting the books transferred from the outgoing treasurer Kevin Ackert.  Once the books are transferred the treasurer will transfer the accounts to a new bank. Membership:

There are currently 103 members in good standing. There were two new members present.

Committee Reports:

Merrimack College:

No Report

Salem University:

Dennis Gudzevich reported that the observatory opened on November 7th with 8 visitors. On November he entertained a Girl Scout troop of 12 scouts and 4 adults with another group of 55 guests.  Cub Scout Pack 55 visited with 10 scouts and 4 adults.  After a very busy month he finally opened on November 28th he entertained 23 guests.

Star Party Committee:

After me saying we were finished for the season two groups asked if we could still hold events for them this fall.  They are located about as far apart from each other as possible.

First is the Chelmsford Land Trust Tues Nov 29th, Dec 1 cloud date (new moon. This event will be held at a different location than the prior event. The property address is Sunny Meadow at 168 Robin Hill Road, Chelmsford. The actual observing location will be further in on the property. Around 30 attendees are expected, so 3 scopes would cover it.

Note this location is somewhat far for our membership so I am going to also ask if some local ATMoB members might be able to assist.

The second event is the Marblehead Charter School, Tues Dec 6th, Dec 9 cloud date (1st quarter moon),17 Lime St, Marblehead.  This is one of our regular schools, though it’s been a year or two since we have had an event here. They usually draw a good crowd (75+) and we would need 5 scopes.

Observing is from 7 – 8:30 PM for both events. Brewster will provide full details closer to these events, but if you’re interested in assisting at either of these please let me know.

Telescope Clinic:

No Report

Old Business:

The club still would like to find other volunteers to do star party presentations. If anyone is interested please contact Brewster LaMacchia.

New Business:

John Hobbs reminded members that wish to use either Battis Farms or Dark Park that at least one member have a copy of the permits which are available from Hobbs.  Members must call the telephone numbers listed on the permits.

Ed Sanborn and David Aucoin have volunteered to be telescope operators at Merrimack College.  They will begin training soon.  We could still use some more volunteers.  If interested contact President Deneen.


Entertainment for the evening were presentations be three astro photographers David Aucoin, John Hobbs, and Phil Orbanes who showed their latest images and a presentation by Brewster LaMacchia, Star Party Chairman, who described what is involved in doing a star party, what is required to participate, and requested help from members who would be interested in being involved in the coming year.

Meeting adjourned 9:20 PM.

Respectively submitted

John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC

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