Breakhart Reservation Saugus Star Party Oct 4, 2016

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Breakhart Reservation in Saugus held their first star party on what turned out to be a pretty clear Tuesday night despite the rather shifting forecasts of clear/clouds over the days leading up to it. A group of about 40 to 50 people came to look through telescopes set up by Michael Deneen and Brewster LaMacchia. The club’s loaner 10″ dob was also set up so with 3 scopes the wait wasn’t too bad.

Despite the proximity to RT 1 and the Boston light pollution attendees were able to view a number of objects, ranging from Mars, M31, M57, M13, M15, IC4665, Albireo, and Alcor/Mizar.

For this event we had set up in a small field adjacent to the driveway, but this location has some logistical issues and for future events the main parking lot will provide a better experience; the loss of view to the south (because of trees) isn’t a factor as no stars are seen in that direction due to the light pollution.

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