Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting September 16, 2016

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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting September 16, 2016

President Deneen called the September Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 7:35 PM.  There were four board members present and 7 club members. There was a quorum. Meeting was official.  There were 19 guests.


Minutes of the August business meeting was approved by acclamation.


Treasurer is working on getting the books transferred from the outgoing treasurer Kevin Ackert.  Once the books are transferred the treasurer will transfer the accounts to a new bank.


There are currently 101 members in good standing.

Committee Reports:

Merrimack College:

No Report

Salem University:

Dennis Gudzevich reported that the observatory opened on September 12th with 27 visitors, most of whom were students. He also mentioned that there was a new professor of physics who is an astrophysicist and seemed very interested in the observatory.


Star Party Committee: Brewster LaMacchia reported that the last star party of the summer will be the Essex Heritage star party at Battis Farms in Amesbury September 23rd-24th.

Telescope Clinic:

No Report

Old Business:

The club still would like to find other volunteers to do star party presentations. If anyone is interested please contact Brewster LaMacchia.

New Business:

John Hobbs reminded members that wish to use either Battis Farms or Dark Park that at least one member have a copy of the permits which are available from Hobbs.  Members must call the telephone numbers listed on the permits.


Entertainment for the evening was a presentation by member and astrophotographer Phil Orbanes entitled “Deep Sky Name Game” This was a fun examination of all those nebulae names that can only leave us baffled. The Running Man nebula, the Flame nebula, the Eagle nebula — look closely; do you see a running man, or an eagle in there someplace? Maybe a flaming eagle? What were astronomers thinking? How on Earth did they come up with those names?

Nebulae of every stripe are some of the most spectacular and colorful objects in the universe, but there is very often no obvious resemblance between names and appearances. Phil may or may not be able to explain some of these choices to us, but we’ll have fun watching him try. He took us on a tour of some stunning examples of puzzling nebulae that will leave you scratching your heads in wonder.  We thank Phil for this stimulating talk and the stunning images taken by Phil to show the objects discussed.

Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM.

Respectively submitted

John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC

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