Sky Object of the Month – August 2016

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Sky Object of the Month – August 2016

(Courtesy LVAS Observer’s Challenge*)

Chaple’s Arc/Fairy Ring–Asterism in Cygnus (Magnitude 7, Size 22’)


This striking arc-shaped arrangement of four double stars was found by amateur astronomer Glenn Chaple during a search for the pair h1470 (one of the four) with a 3-inch reflecting telescope. He eventually reported the group in the September, 1980, issue of Deep Sky Monthly, and a reader dubbed it “Chaple’s Arc.” The group was independently found by Utah amateur Kim Hyatt, who was also looking for h1470. With a 10-inch scope, he added several fainter pairs that, with the Arc, formed a ghostly ring. He christened it the “Fairy Ring” and reported it to his friend Brent Watson.  Watson included the Fairy Ring in his booklet Finder Charts of Overlooked Objects. Today, the asterism bears both names.


                                Sketch by LVAS member Roger Ivester


                               Image by Rick Kazmierki


 Sketch and chart by Glenn Chaple (From Deep Sky Monthly, September, 1980)

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