Sky Object of the Month – July 2016

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Sky Object of the Month – July 2016

(Courtesy LVAS Observer’s Challenge*)

M92–Globular Cluster in Hercules (Magnitude 6.5, Size 14’)

           This month’s LVAS Observer’s Challenge takes us to the “other” Messier globular in Hercules. Overlooked in favor of the brighter and easier to find M13, M92 is a noble object in its own right. Discovered by Johan Bode in 1777, it was independently found and catalogued by Messier four years later. Its distance of 26,000 light years is similar to that of M13.

            Locating M92 isn’t all that difficult. It’s bright enough to be picked up with binoculars and finderscopes. Just scan the region about two-thirds of the way from eta (η) to iota (ι) Herculis and look for a hazy round patch about half the size of M13. The challenge isn’t in observing M92, but in determining the smallest aperture that will resolve this cluster.


Image by Mario Motta MD                                                 



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