Salem Science Night


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For the past several years NSAAC has had a table at this event, which has about 40 science related exhibits and activities across a wide range of fields.  Several hundred students and parents attend this event.

This year a first quarter moon and clear skies let us set up two telescopes outside. Unfortunately to be out of the sun we had to set up next to the dumpster, but there was no smell. And continuing the clubs luck of holding events when crazies with guns are running around, several helicopters were in the area Thursday night:

We had two scopes on the moon, one provided by club member Kevin Robicheau (who couldn’t arrive until later) and operated by his co-worked and neighbor Jon Discher, and the other by Star Party Coordinator Brewster LaMacchia.

Even though it was day time – the event ran 5:30 to 7:30PM –  the moon showed very well, and towards the end of the event we switched over to Jupiter.  A rough head count was around 150+ people looked through the scopes.

Best comment of the night goes to one of the custodial staff who took a look at the moon after placing some trash in the dumpster: Holy (poop), that’s amazing, way better than that Hubble thing...

Many parents commented that this was the first time they had ever looked through a telescope. A number also mentioned that they had visited the Salem State Observatory and highly praised the staff there – kudo’s to Dennis and his team (which could always use more help)

Salem Science Night

Salem Science Night

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