Newbury Library Star Party


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On Tuesday April 5th the Newbury Library in Byfield held their first star party. About 25 people came out to listen to a short presentation by Dick Luecke and then observe through telescopes provided by Dick, Brewster LaMacchia, and John Gall.

It was finally a clear night, though temperatures were on the chilly side (high 20s) and a slight breeze as well.  Guests were treated to views of Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, and a number of clusters from the library parking lot.  John’s video setup allowed guests to compare the view of Orion Nebula visually in Brewster’s 11″ SCT with the 20 second exposure from John’s camera (in color).


Dick Luecke discusses items that will be observed

Dick Luecke discusses items that will be observed

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