Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting December 5, 2014


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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting December 5, 2014

President Hocker called the December Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 8:07 PM.  There were seven members present plus two Board members. There was a quorum. Meeting was official.


Minutes of the November Business meeting were approved by acclamation.


No report.


There are currently 101 members in good standing.

Early Meeting Announcements:

Open forum on the agenda after New Business

Committee Reports:

Merrimack College:

No report.

Salem University:

Dennis Gudzevich opened the opened the observatory on November 3rd with 20 guests and on November 10th with 15 visitors.

News, Correspondence, and Upcoming Activities:

We received a request from the Atmobs about Grace and Bud Miller who are members of our club. Bud has a serious illness and needs a special spiral stair lift and are requests for donations.  If members wish to donate, contact Kevin Hocker for information.

Dennis Gudzevich has received a request for information about the history of the Collins Observatory.

Star Party Committee:

Bancroft and Sanborn Elementary were both clouded out and will most likely be re scheduled in the spring. The North Reading Library event on November18th was attended by about 30 kids and parents, but the cold weather that night (and the younger age of the kids than the prior year) made for a shorter event.

Thanks to everyone that helped out this fall. Due to the full moon and holiday schedules this fall there weren’t a lot of possibilities for dates, and then the weather cancelled over half of those; hopefully this spring will work out better. Brewster LaMacchia will be working on an email announcement, after Christmas, to interested schools/organizations for this spring.

Hamilton Wenham library is looking for some sort of astronomy/telescope display for 2 weeks this month. So far I was unable to come up with something. Perhaps as a longer term project we could develop materials that could be loaned to library groups? Old “broken” telescopes, mirror blanks, not sure what else? Let Brewster  know if you have some ideas.

Telescope Clinic:

No activity.

YAP Program:

Tabled talk about how to do YAP and whether we want to continue and how involved.

Old Business:

The club still would like to find other volunteers to do star party presentations.  If anyone is interested please contact Brewster LaMacchia.

Also, we need more volunteers for the operation of the telescope at Merrimack College. If interested contact either Kevin Ackert or Fred Sammartino.

New Business:

The Board has new meeting ideas.  The club needs to get back to having good entertainment for the business meetings and hopefully greater member attendance.  People do not like long business meeting.  So the board is proposing to start the business meeting at 7:30 PM and limit the meeting to ½ hour until 8:00 PM.  Then Break for 10-15 minutes for refreshments and then have a formal presentation, swap table, book review or any other topic.  This will continue to be discussed at future meetings.


Entertainment for the evening was a presentation by John Hobbs of his favorite  astro-images and two videos of the latest launch of the Orion spacecraft provided by Kevin Hocker.

The May Board meeting date will be Friday Nov 15th at 7:30 PM at Village Restaurant in Georgetown.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 PM.

Respectively submitted

John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC



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