Holton Richmond Middle Star Party

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Despite the threat of clouds the evening ended up with clear skys for the star party. After a presentation by Brewster LaMacchia on the moon, Jupiter, and Mars, the 100 attendees headed outside to see those objects through telescopes provided by Dave Aucoin, John Hobbs, Kevin Ackert, and Dick Luecke, and Bill Drown assisting.

Several attendees took pictures of the Moon and Jupiter with their cellphones. Brewster LaMacchia took this picture with David Aucoin’s scope, showing the Alpine Valley and Cassini crater below it. (North up, un processed image, Nexus 5)

A little into the observing Saturn rose out of the haze and was also featured. Despite the lights from the adjacent baseball fields, M81 and M13 were also viewed. The students were enthusiastic and it was a great crowd for the event. A couple of satellites also went by.

John Hobbs and attendees
John Hobbs and attendees
Kevin Ackert watches over an enthusiastic crowd


One Response to “Holton Richmond Middle Star Party”

  1. Kevin Hocker Kevin H says:

    Nice job Brewster as always and thanks to all the volunteers who came out to support the clubs outreach efforts and provide an enjoyable experience for the students.

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