Observation Report, Veasey Park, 9-6-13


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After a brief business meeting, we had an inspiring observing session at Veasey, enhanced by a number of awesome shooting stars spanning over a quarter of the sky and lasting up to several seconds.
Joining me were Fred Sammartino, Kevin Hocker, Jim and Peggy Utterback, Ted Blank, Dennis (Bubbles) Gudzevich, Richard Collins, Erik Nugent, Ray Ferland, Brewster Lamacchia, Ed Burke, Dick Leucke, Perry McIntosh, Dan Smoody, Kevin Ackert, John Hobbs, Melvin, Kaiden, Sanjay,  and our special guests, Ryan and Heather Goodson from New Moon Telescopes in Upstate New York, a six hour drive, who brought a 16 inch f/4.5 Dob as well as a…………..27 inch f/3.9 Dob which saw first light.  These amazing scopes joined Ron’s TEC 200 and GoldenEye, the premier outreach instruments of NSAAC.
A large number of objects were observed, with first light for the 27 inch being M13. Awesome view.   We also observed upwards of 50 different deep sky objects over the course of the evening.  Highlights were many including the central star in M57, numerous globs including M 13 and M 56, double stars galore such as Alberio which looked like a topaz and a sapphire in a field of diamond dust, Izar, eta and iota Cass, the Double Double,  a bunch of open clusters like the double cluster, the ET cluster, and a bunch of galaxies showing structure.  I’m usually not big on galaxies, but I usually don’t get to see them in a 27 incher.
The new Moon Telescopes have superior workmanship and woodworking that you have to see in person to appreciate.  Motions are perfect and ease of use is top notch.  Ryan and Heather are great people who truly love astronomy and it shows.  I hope we see you two back with us in the future the next time you are in the area.
The observing session is dedicated to our friend Jim Bastable, who hopefully will be joining us at Veasey as soon as possible.
Bryan Stone
President, NSAAC

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