Friday September 6, 2013


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Minutes of the NSAAC Business Meeting September 6, 2013

President Stone called the August Business Meeting of the NSAAC to order at 8:25 PM.  There were 9 members present plus 6 Board members.   There was a quorum.  Meeting was official.


The minutes of the June, July, and August meetings were approved by acclamation.


Kevin Ackert indicated he is trying to get money back from Owl Astronomy for the eyepieces not delivered. The Treasurer’s books have been closed.


Kevin Ackert announced that we have 79 paid members in good standing and 34 yet to renew. 

Early Meeting Announcements:  

Open forum on the agenda after New Business

Committee Reports:

Merrimack College:

Fred Sammartino opened on the Sept 5th 25 visitors.

Salem State:

Dennis Gudzevich and Ron Sampson have fixed the telescope and Dennis will be ready for opening on Sept 9.

News, Correspondence, and Upcoming Activities:

A Thank You has been received from Jim Bastable for the gifts sent from the club.  Pat Amoroso is going to arrange for the clubs to do a star party for the nurses and physical therapist at the Spaulding Rehab Center.  The date is to be determined.

Star Party Committee:

The next public event for the club is the Essex Heritage Sails & Trails event.  Brewster has some brochures and cards here for anyone that wants to pass them out (and we can get more).

There is also a sign that we can put out (with the word “TONIGHT” taped over “TODAY”). Is there anyone that lives close by that could put this out once we know it’s a go? Brewster is going to be away on a business trip the 27th.

The next school event is Sullivan Middle in Lowell. Please log in to the NSAAC site for full details (and Brewster will email details to the full club list as events get closer). Fred Sammartino has given me pictures and an article to post from Merrimack.

Members on the “SPV” list please log in to the NSAAC site and indicate your ability for events. A No is just as important as a Yes.

  • Fri 9/20, Sat 9/21, Fri 9/27. Essex Heritage Sails and Trails at VMP.
  • Tues 10/1 (cloud 10/3) Sullivan Middle School, Lowell (off RT133). Rescheduled from the spring.
  • Fri 10/11, (12th cloud) – Chelmsford Land Trust
  • Fri 10/18 (cloud date 19th) Pollard School (Plaistow NH), held at Goudrealt’s Farm. This is a fun event at a great site with music, hay rides and a bonfire for the kids. (full moon)
  • Tues Nov 5th (7th cloud), North Reading Library family science night
  • Sat Nov 9th. IRWS
  • Tues Nov 12th (14th cloud date), Sanborn Elementary, Andover. This event is one of our bigger ones and they donate generously to the club.

Danvers Library is still trying to figure out a date for their reschedule, it may move to the spring.

Telescope Clinic:

No Activity.

YAP Program:

The club still has not been reimbursed for the eyepieces ordered and not received from Owl Astronomy Products.  Kevin Ackert has submitted a claim to PayPal for resolutions, but has not heard back from them.

Old Business:

The club still would like to find other volunteers to do star party presentations.  If anyone is interested please contact Brewster LaMacchia.

New Business:

The entertainment for the evening was meeting in the parking lot for a look at the 16 and 27 inch Dobsonian telescopes presented by Ryan and Heather Goodson of New Moon Telescopes.  There was a very good turnout for the meeting with about 8 members observing during the evening.

Board meeting set Sept 16 7:30 PM at Veasey.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM

Respectively submitted

John Hobbs, Secretary NSAAC



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