Equipment Review: A couple of great eyepieces


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Nagler_11mmHi, eyepiece fans.  Today,  I would like to share with you my opinions of 2 of the eyepieces that I use most frequently in my 8 inch telescope, GoldenEye.  This reviewed has relevance, I believe, because these eye pieces would be appropriate for use in a large number of telescopes from 800-2000 mm in focal length. This would include all of the most commonly used commercial Dobs as well as Schmidt Cassegrains.  As always, I have no affiliation with the manufacturers of any of these products and am presenting my opinion as a consumer.

11mm Type 6 Nagler – I believe that this is one of uncle Al’s greatest achievements if for no other reason because of the small size of this ocular, which completely negates balancing problems with just about any telescope. In my telescope it provides 109x with an almost 3/4° field of view, far larger than the full moon.  The image is sharp as a tack across the entire field, and eye relief is a generous 12 mm. This ocular provides a 2 mm exit pupil in an f/6 scope, and most people who wear eyeglasses would be able to use this ocular without the need of their glasses to correct astigmatism. This is an expensive eyepiece, over 3 times as much as the corresponding ES offering, and I suppose it is a personal decision as to whether or not it is worth the extra money, but since this eyepiece is by far the one that I use the most often, I wanted the highest possible quality. This eyepiece also works very well with a Barlow lens.  Several  club members own the corresponding ES eyepiece  and therefore members of our club have the opportunity of looking through both of them before making a decision. I have never regretted to purchase of this eyepiece.  It provides incredible views of the moon, deep sky objects, and it would be a killer planetary eyepiece in a 2000 millimeter focal length scope or with a barlow in a shorter focal length telescope.

Pentax 8.5mm XF.  This is one of the sharpest  long eye relief eyepieces that I have ever had the pleasure of using.  Users would have no problem with eye relief whether they wear glasses or not. It has provided us with some fantastic views of Mars at opposition as well as Jupiter and Saturn. It provides 140 X in my telescope and has proven to be an incredible high power eyepiece at over 200x in longer focal length telescopes. I have found it to be superior to Radians of similar focal length in addition to being lighter and more compact.  Pentax eyepieces are rare following the national disaster in Japan. I don’t imagine that I will ever part with this eyepiece.

These incredible oculars will soon be appearing at a Star party or Veasey observing session  near you.  More reviews next month.

Respectfully submitted,

Bryan Stone
President, NSAAC

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