Little Neck Ipswich Star Party report


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Little Neck Star Party. Brewster's 11" Celestron

Looking at Venus. Little Neck Star Party. Brewster’s 11″ Celestron

Ted Blank shows off the moon

Ted Blank shows off the moon. Twilight at Little Neck Star Party

A star party was held near the beach in Little Neck on Monday July 15th, 2013.  About 80+ parents and children of all ages attended (from ages 3 to probably 80).  Despite clouds taking out parts of the sky at various times, we had a great star party.

Ted Blank, John Hobbs, John Gall, and Brewster LaMacchia provided views of a number of objects over about 2 hours, starting with the moon during twilight and moving on to more deep space objects as the night went on. Near the end we watched the Chinese space station make a pass.

For more information on the objects viewed :
Alpine Valley (moon):
Epsilon Lyrae, the “double double”: (Wikipedia talks about more stars in the system than the generally accepted number of 6)
M57 Ring Nebula:
M13 Globular Cluster:

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Cassini probe (in orbit around Saturn):

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