Scout troop doesn’t get fooled on April 1st


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NSAAC member Fred Sammartino hosted a group of cub scouts from  Merrimac, MA at Merrimack College (no connection), 22 in all including scouts and guardians.

We qualified them for the Astronomy belt loop. We were treated to a very nice view of Callisto directly over Jupiter’s North pole, plus a bright Iridium flare to finish the evening.

One Response to “Scout troop doesn’t get fooled on April 1st”

  1. Ric Shanahan says:

    Sounds like a good time with the Scouts. Not sure if you used software to predict the Iridium flare or not but I use Orbitron. Free labor-of-love type program that will run on a laptop. You just need current TLE data which does require an internet connection to download. Glad to see the club is still active!

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