Observation Report: December 28, 2012


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How much fun can astronomers have on a partly cloudy, full moon winter evening? Ask Rick Margolies, Kevin Hocker, and Sam, a guest aerospace engineer who joined me at Veasey last night.

Using a pair of 8 inch Dobs, we got some very nicely detailed views of Jupiter when it popped out from behind the clouds. We also got some very nice views of double stars, again when they had moved into ‘sucker holes”.

We split the following:

Castor in Gemini
and the following Orion multiple stars

Trapezium, including E and F
Rigel, 9 seconds separation but a difference in brightness of 6 magnitudes
Sigma Orionis
Alnitak, 2.5 seconds
Mintaka, 53 seconds
Eta, 1.8 seconds
Meissa, 4 seconds

The rest of the sky was clouded out.

Please make plans to join us for our next monthly business meeting next Friday at 8pm at Veasey.

Clear skies,

Bryan Stone
President, NSAAC

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