December 2012 Star Party Report


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For those that were not aware: John Hobbs is out for an extended duration while he recovers, I have taken over for Kevin Ackert (who was filling in for John this fall) as the Star Party coordinator.

The club recently conducted its last star party of 2012 at the Bancroft Elementary School in Andover. Over 100 student and parents attended (which were split into two groups to manage the crowds at the scopes). An addition to this being the school’s first star party, the school made a generous donation to the club.

The Milky Way Galaxy is host to billions of stars. Image Credit: APOD

In addition to myself giving a short presentation on the moon and Jupiter (which were the two prime viewing targets), we had seven volunteers out with scopes and binoculars to assist. I also would like to give recognition to club member Steven Mullaney, as this was his first NSAAC Star Party. Joining Steve were Kevin Ackert, Fred Sammartino, Bryan Stone, Ted Blank, Jim Bastable, and Kandy Rathinasamy. Unlike Sanborn’s star party a few weeks before, clouds held off for the entire event.

I have had discussions with club members about how we might organize Star Party events for the spring season to avoid some the problems that have occurred in the past. If anyone wants to share their ideas/thoughts please feel free to contact me.
Brewster LaMacchia
NSAAC Star Party Coordinator

2 Responses to “December 2012 Star Party Report”

  1. Dennis says:

    Hi, i am trying to find a star gazing party to attend.Also I need to determine the best scope for the price. So i am hoping someone has the scopes i have not already researched at the party. Will i be able to attend. is there admission ? is there a registry or tickets to be had? Can i attend without my current telescope. because its el cheapo.

  2. Mary Lou says:

    My 13-year old son just received his first telescope for Christmas but we are completely new to astronomy. We bought him some books but I would love for him to meet other kids or teens to learn from. We live in Amesbury, MA. IF you know of any clubs or events coming up, please let us know.

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