Observation Report: October 26, 2012 @ Veasey Park in Groveland, MA

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We had an observing session at Veasey Park on Friday evening October 26 which was fun and successful in spite of an almost full moon. Attending were Ron Sampson, Jim Bastable, Ed Burke and myself. The telescope was GoldenEye (extensively upgraded XT8).

We observed Jupiter which showed abundant surface detail and open clusters like the ET cluster and the Double cluster and the ring nebula. We spent most of the time on double stars including Alberio, Epsilon Llyrae, Eta Cass and Iota Cass, a triple. Seeing conditions were good enough that we got clean splits on all of them without having to resort to insane magnifications.

Double Star: Albireo

Double Star: Albireo | Photo credit: Richard Yandrick: Cosmicimage.com

Temperatures were moderate and mosquitoes were absent. Dew did not become an issue until around midnite. At that point Orion wasn’t high enough to go after some of its more challenging double stars of around 1-1.3 acr second separations. Maybe next time.

Fun can be had even in the face of a full moon by sticking to planets, open clusters and double stars.

Bryan Stone
NSAAC President

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