Star Party Report: Langley-Adams Library at Veasey Park

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The star party at Veasey Park for the Langley-Adams Library of Groveland was attended by about 25 parents and children. The presentation was made by Fred Sammartino who presented what the attendees might see at the scopes. Scopes were provided by Kevin Hocker, Leor Zolman, Bryan Stone, Ed Burke and John Hobbs. Also helping at the tar party was James Sanborn from Groveland, a 2012 YAP winner, with his 6 inch Dob.

Bryan Stone having found Saturn in the daylight

In preparation for observing Bryan Stone found Saturn in the daylight using the RA and Dec setting provided by Leor Zolman and aided by a protractor provided by Kevin Hocker and a compass provided by John Hobbs. The seeing was very good and objects seen besides Saturn were M13, M5, M4, M27, M57, M11, M8, M6, M7, M22, and numerous double stars.

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