Observation Report: July 21, 2012 @ Veasey Park in Groveland, MA


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We had a beautiful evening for observing this past Saturday at Veasey Park. There were seven telescopes and a few bino’s on hand. Several club members were present, some from as far away as Medford and Watertown. We also had a handful of visitors.

Melvin Graham brought his 10” dob with recently cleaned mirrors and Bryan Stone verified that Melvin’s collimation looked good. We put Fred Jones 8” Intelliscope through its paces and enjoyed some nice views of M5, M11, M27, Albireo and M13. Ed Burke got his new Telrad mounted with some slight modifications to his dew shield.

The view of the night was a toss up between the Lagoon Nebula viewed through my 12” dob with Bryan’s UHC filter and the double cluster in Perseus viewed through Ron Sampson’s 8” refractor, bino viewer and dual 24mm Panoptics. The view through Ron’s refractor with the bino viewer really gave a “flying through space” sensation. We stayed late enough (or early enough) for Andromeda, the Perseus double cluster and NCG457 to get high enough for some nice views.

The sky remained clear and seeing was pretty good throughout the evening. Ron and I hung around until about 3AM and watched Jupiter and Venus rise after we had already broken down our scopes and packed them away.


Looking forward to next time.

Clear Skies,

Kevin Hocker

NSAAC Membership Director

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