Observation Report: June 16, 2012 @ Veasey Park in Groveland, MA

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Last evening John Hobbs and I were the only two people at Veasey Park and enjoyed some nice views during occasional times of good seeing.  Mars, which was great a few months ago has gotten a lot further away and therefore smaller, so not much surface detail was seen.

Saturn, however, put on a nice show with several moons, good views of the Cassini Division, cloud banding, the shadow of the planet on the ring and vice versa.  Seeing conditions occasionally supported 250x with my 8 inch Dob which is pretty good for New England.

We also split a bunch of double stars including Izar (epsilon Bootes) and epsilon llyrae, two of my favorites.  The evening was cut short by a bunch of poorly timed clouds.

John also got to test out his astro master digital setting circles on his 10 inch Dob.  This was a partial success.

Clear Skies,

Bryan Stone

NSAAC President


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