Observation Report: June 15, 2012 @ Veasey Park in Groveland, MA

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Veasey Memorial Park | Groveland, MA


We had a great turnout and an excellent night for observing at Veasey Park last night.

Many of the “regulars” with some newcomers and visitors enjoyed the evening until the dew set in. At least two scopes were we able to operate dew free past midnight.

There was a variety of telescopes and binoculars on hand for all to enjoy. Here’s a partial listing.


Attendees and equipment

  • Ron Sampson had his 8 inch APO – excellent views of Saturn
  • Kevin Hocker – Orion xx12i truss tube Dob
  • Ed Burke – Meade ETX 90. Ed was able to get his ETX aligned properly in polar mode – something that Ed has wanted to become proficient at.
  • Jim Bastable – Takahashi refractor
  • Felipe Silva – nice views in Felipe’s 6 inch Celestron reflector on a CG5 go to mount and Meade UWA eyepieces
  • 8” Orion intelliscope Dob
  • Tom and his 8” SCT
  • Jason Snow – 60mm Tasco refractor

Others in attendance included – Dennis Gudzevich, Bryan Stone, Caiden and a few visitors.

Scope Clinic

Jim Bastable conducted a scope clinic for Jason Snow. Jason had an old 60mm, 800mm focal length Tasco. Jim helped Jason assemble the telescope and with its 23mm .965 eyepiece Jim was able to show Jason and his two young sons Saturn in the scope.

Objects observed

I was on a star cluster tour last night. I got some good views with my xx12i of the following;

  • M13 the Great Cluster in Hercules
  • M10 in Ophiuchus
  • M12 in Ophiuchus
  • M14 in Ophiuchus
  • M5 in Serpens (one of my favorites) I think M5 gets overlooked because it has to share the sky with M13
  • M21 in Sagittarius
  • M54 in Sagittarius
  • M22 in Sagittarius
  • M4 in Scorpius – very low in the sky

I love wide field views of open clusters so these two are a couple more of my favorites.
Due south after midnight, just clearing the treetops from the Veasey parking lot.

  • M6 the Butterfly cluster in Scorpius
  • M7 in Scorpius

Other non-cluster objects viewed included;

  • Saturn – looked excellent early in Ron Sampsons 8 inch APO, the Cassini division was clearly visible all the way around the planet at 320x
  • M8 Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius – nice bino views
  • M27 the Dumbbell nebula in Cygnus
  • M57 the Ring nebula in Lyra
  • M81 and M82 in Ursa Major
  • Albireo – yellow/blue double star in Cygnus

There were many other objects observed – too numerous to list here. All in all a good night of observing , the dew notwithstanding, and a great turnout of attendees. Thanks to all who came out and shared their scopes, their knowledge and our wonderful hobby. I am looking forward to another cloud free night at Veasey Park soon.


Clear Skies,
Kevin Hocker
NSAAC Membership Director


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