Observation Report: 12 May 2012 – Galactic Youth Night

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Last night we held the Galactic Youth Night at Veasey Park.  James Sanborn and his family attended and brought the 6 inch scope that James recently was awarded.  Seeing conditions were very good at times, and we were rewarded with some very nice high power views of Mars and Saturn, especially with Ron Sampson’s 8 inch Apo refractor operating at up to 400x.  Also present were Kevin Ackert and John Hobbs, which along with yours truly made for a 4-to-1 instructor to student ratio.

Galaxy: M65

We boserved a variety of other objects including double stars like mizar, epsilon bootes, the double double, beta scorpii, Alberio and algieba.  Galaxies like M 65,66,81 and 82, and globs like M13, not to mention the ring and the dumbbell nebulae.

I was particularly pleased with the performance of my 8 inch Dob GoldenEye, as it was able to split the double double at only 100x and resolve lots of surface detail on Mars and Saturn.  I think the new flocking made a difference.

There was no dew and no mosquitoes and temperatures were pleasant.  An above average Veasey night to be sure.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Bryan Stone
President, NSAAC

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