Last Chance! See Venus Cross the Face of the Sun.

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NSAAC Plans For June Venus Transit: 

We have permission to use Bradley Palmer State Park for our Venus transit event on June 5th. There is no firm commitment as to who will be there with solar observing equipment. I will have my 5” Meade ETX and Baader filter which shows the sun in white light. People with solar viewing equipment, or any setup for viewing the sun such as projection devices, please post to the list server if you plan on attending.

As far as cloud predictions for go/no go on the day of the event, we’ll just make the call via the list server and the new website if it’s up and running. First contact is not until just after 6 PM. I’ll probably arrive between 3 and 4 PM. For those who’ve never observed from this site, watch the list server for specific directions or email me at

Note: Bradley Palmer State Park has multiple entrances, for this event you must enter from the Highland Street entrance just opposite the Pingree School in Hamilton, MA. Turn right by the wading pools and go past them, down a road to your left which will lead to a parking area. We’ll be set up near that parking area.

Map & directions:

Find out where to see a rare astronomical event that won't recur for more than a century, in this infographic.
Info-graphic Source: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

One Response to “Last Chance! See Venus Cross the Face of the Sun.”

  1. Kevin Ackert Kevin Ackert says:

    Looks like were gonna get a break in the clouds and we may get this thing in!

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